Challenge Tests


Legal requirements concerning cosmetic products are in Europe regulate the Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 30 November 2009. According to this document each cosmetic producer is obligated to have positive results of preservative tests.

Pharmacopeia regulates obligation to carry out preservative tests for medicinal products.


Challenge test is an assessment of preservatives effect, in other words it is defining antimicrobial protection.

Preservatives are used in products to provide protection against microbial growth, especially against pathogens. Challenge test checks if preservatives are used properly.

Challenge test is performed:

  • on early product development stage
  • on production stage
  • to protect product in case of uncontrolled infection during product use or warehousing
  • to confirm preservatives sustainability in the shelf-life of the product
  • for safety assessment in case of presence of environmental microbial strains

What makes us different?

The founder and creator of MIKROLAB, Elżbieta Seroczyńska gained many years of experience in URODA (Cussons Poland) where she coordinated researches on preservatives in cosmetics. She cooperated with companies such as Lonza and Room&Haas, what’s more she took part in registration process of preservatives such as Kathon and Germall.


MIKROLAB is accredited by Polish Accreditation Centre (PCA). Certificate No. 1531

What do we offer?

  1. Challenge tests in accordance with PN-EN ISO 11930:2012 – accredited method
  2. Challenge tests in accordance with Ph. Eur – accredited method
  3. Our help to find the right preservatives on research and development stage
  4. Consulting in the area of applying preservatives