Quality policy

Wymagania prawne

High quality of services

MIKROLAB puts special emphasis on the quality of the services offered. We make every effort to ensure that the activities we provide maintain the highest level. Our primary goal is to meet customer requirements by providing reliable and credible test results. The laboratory team is constantly making efforts to meet the growing expectations of customers operating on the domestic and international market.

The laboratory pursues the following quality objectives:


Timeliness and high quality of research services provided


Satisfying the needs of customers in the field of research commissioned by them


Monitoring the quality of the tests performed


Building the image of a competent and trustworthy partner


Guaranteeing the confidentiality of research and protecting the client's property rights


Strengthening the market position by expanding the scope of research

Laboratory management

The management of the Laboratory declares that MIKROLAB operates in accordance with the law, follows the principles set out in the Quality Manual and other documentation of the Management System, and is aware of the importance of customer requirements. Our staff is familiar with the Management System documentation and implements its procedures in their daily work.

Kierownictwo labolatorium
Number of tested samples
500000Number of tested samples
Audits of control authorities and clients
500Audits of control authorities and clients
Satisfied customers
15000Satisfied customers
Years of experience
30Years of experience


Mikrolab sp z o.o.
ul. Lubelska 5/7
03-802 Warszawa
Tel.: 22 810 80 17

Water sampling
+48 732 080 317

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