Quality policy

High quality service

MIKROLAB puts a particular emphasis on offering services at the highest level. Our fundamental goal is to deliver excellent services which contribute to our customers’ success. MIKROLAB professional team is driven by commitment to support and add value for our customers. We constantly strive to meet growing expectations of customers in the domestic and international markets.

The laboratory performs the following quality objectives:


High quality of research services provided


Satisfying clients’ needs in the field of research commissioned by them


Monitoring the quality of performed tests


Building the image of a competent and trustworthy partner


Ensuring confidentiality of research and protection of customer property rights


Strengthening the market position by expanding the scope of research

Laboratory Management

Laboratory management declares acting due to law requirements, principals set in Quality Book and other documentation of Quality Management System. Laboratory management declares that laboratory staff is familiar with documentation of Quality Management System and implements quality policy in the daily work. Finally, laboratory management is aware of importance of customer requirements.