Production water


  1. Monitoring the microbiological purity of purified water in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other industries.
  2. Microbiological expertise aimed at improving the quality of purified or other treated water.
  3. Microbiological expertise, aimed at solving problems arising on the production line in the processes of washing and disinfection.

We perform analyzes of purified, demineralized and other water used in technological and production processes.

Assessment criteria and test methods:

  1. Purified water is tested using the accredited method according to Ph. Euro
  2. Expertise according to own findings and needs resulting from the problem


  1. to manufacturers of cosmetic products
  2. to manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, dietary supplements and other industries
  3. to producers and suppliers of treated water


Production water is tap water, water treated at the plant or at the supplier. Production water is used as a raw material, but also for cleaning and disinfection processes. Production water testing is carried out according to Ph.D. Euro. In accordance with the requirements of the above document, we assess the compatibility of water in terms of microbiological purity.


Mikrolab has a research laboratory accreditation certificate issued by the Polish Center for Accreditation, accreditation number AB 1531.

Mikrolab has the permission of the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector for the production (testing) of medicinal products and investigational medicinal products (for clinical trials) in the field of microbiological quality control of non-sterile products. We have a GMP certificate approved by the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector.

Mikrolab has been approved by the State Sanitary Inspection for water testing. The test results are honored by the Sanitary and Epidemiological Stations.


Production water is used in the washing and disinfection process and is included in the product as a raw material. Production water is tap water, treated at the plant or at the supplier, the microbiological purity of which cannot affect the quality of the product. Water cannot cause secondary infections on disinfected technological lines. Monitoring of water purity therefore covers designated points, taking into account the entire delivery route (hoses, pumps). The water sample for testing should reflect its actual state and should also be taken from representative locations in the water distribution system. The water quality is determined by the analysis of the sample from the final stage of the administration route.

We analyze the production water for compliance with the requirements of Ph. Euro. The scope of determinations should be extended to include specific microorganisms, including bacteria from the Pseudomonas group, which very often live in the aquatic environment. The recommended requirements for production water are no more than 100 c.u. in 1 ml of sample.

When selecting a supplier of raw materials, including water, the manufacturer should assess the supplier in terms of maintaining sanitary regimes, and each delivery should be confirmed with a certificate of microbiological quality of the raw material. Evaluation and selection of suppliers is an important element in maintaining the quality of production.

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